Whose towers are better – Tel Aviv’s or Ramat Gan’s ?

In recent years, Ramat Gan has been giving Tel Aviv a serious fight in the race to the skies, and many towers are being built there too. So, in which city is it better to live hundreds of meters above everyone else?

In many respects, a city’s skyline is its identity card. From this perspective, Tel Aviv was there first when the famous "Shalom" tower was built. Today, towers are being built in other cities in Israel, as the way to effectively overcome overcrowding and high demand in its cities. Tel Aviv’s neighbor, Ramat Gan, is coming around to this most impressively. Many residential towers have been built, mainly in its northwestern neighborhoods. One of the most prominent is “Pisgat Dan” (“Dan Summit”), a prestigious residential project in a highly desirable location near the Yarkon Park.

So, what is the difference between the towers of Tel Aviv and those of Ramat Gan?

The Location

In terms of location, Tel Aviv's towers are THE thing, located right in the centre of everything, most of them within a few minutes’ walk of everything the city, has to offer. A car or any other form of transportation is unnecessary; two legs will suffice

Yet Ramat Gan's towers are close by. Because of its nature, the municipality is targeting specific neighborhoods whose individual character will not be significantly affected Therefore, most of the towers are currently being built in areas close to Tel Aviv, such as the Diamond Bourse area and northern neighborhoods, where the “Pisgat Dan” (“Dan Summit”) residential tower is located.

These towers are within easy reach of Tel Aviv and all that it has to offer, if not exactly within walking distance, but a short bus or taxi ride away, thereby avoiding an exhausting search for scarce parking. Also, Ramat Gan’s northern neighborhoods are actually closer to the Yarkon Park, Ramat Hehayal, etc. than central Tel Aviv

The Neighbourhood

To live in Tel Aviv is to live in the heart of the liveliest and busiest city in Israel, for better or for worse. For better – because it is in the center of everything. For worse – because it is the city that never sleeps. Living on a high floor allows you to rise high above all the noise, but high floor apartments in Tel Aviv are beyond the means of most people. For many people, all this urbanization can be a bit too much.

On the other hand, in Ramat Gan you can live in a quieter and more relaxed environment, just a short distance from Tel Aviv and everything it has to offer. What can be better than that?

The View

One of the great advantages of living in a towers is the view. From tens of meters above ground you can see and enjoy everything – from Samaria in the east to the sea in the west. With a spacious balcony included in every high class residential tower, you get everything in one place.

Tel Aviv is wonderful in this respect. Its towers are between a few meters and a few kilometers from the beach; from the 15th floor upwards you should be able to enjoy what we all yearn for, a sea view. However, Tel Aviv is a city of towers, and in reality it is likely that some tower will block your view.

In Ramat Gan the situation is much better, and should remain so as long as the municipality continues to decide for itself if and where towers will be built. As it is characterized by lower buildings, residential towers there stand out; there are views in all directions and the feeling of overcrowding simply melts away.

The Price

It's no secret that real estate prices in Israel are high, and those of Tel Aviv are frighteningly high. Add the words "Tower" and "Prestige," and you get prices for apartments that climb to NIS15, 20 and even 30 million. In Ramat Gan, the reality is different. The residential towers there are relatively new, and prices are very low compared to Tel Aviv. In the “Dan Summit” prices start from NIS2.59 million per apartment, far below Tel Aviv levels.

The residential towers of Ramat Gan offer the same standards, prestige, conditions and luxuries offered by those of Tel Aviv’s at a much lower price. Make no mistake; it is undoubtedly greater value for money.

To sum up, Ramat Gan has been on the rise in recent years. More luxurious residential options are being built. You have the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of being so close to Tel Aviv at amazing prices. Everyone is already turning towards Ramat Gan. It's time to check it out in depth, before it's too late!

by David Weitz, DW English Services – https://www.facebook.com/DWEnglishServices

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