This document will help you formulate plans for your real estate business

Business Summary
The purpose of this document is to help you formulate plans for your real estate business. It focuses on the key measures and activities that will help you reach your goals. If you work with a business coach, this document will help guide your discussions. Once complete, you will have a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses, and can begin to formulate SPECIFIC plans for improvement.

Gather the following data to create a snapshot of your net income before expenses.

Goal for 2015 Actual for 2015 Goal for 2016
Total Value of Properties Sold $ (Add sold price of each property)
Average Sales Price (Total Value ÷ # of properties in calculation)
Total Sides Closed #
• Listing Sides #
• Buyer Sides #
Gross Commission $
• Net Income after Split $ 2016 income goal
Net Income = what you get in your check after your split. If your split has varied over the year, you may need to calculate several deals separately, then add the total. If your split remained constant, you can take the percentage from the gross.
Gross Commission $75,000
(split) 90%
Net Income $67,500

• Can you negotiate a better split with your broker?
• Can you increase your average sales price point?

Past Income by Quarter (optional section)
2015 # Sales Sides Gross Sales Volume in $ Gross Income Net Income
Gross Sales Volume = the total sold price of each side you closed

Projection by Quarter
2016 # Sales Gross Sales Volume in $ Gross Income Net Income

Personal & Business Education Plans 2016

License Expires On:

Required Licensing Courses Needed:

Certification & Designation Goals:

Business Training Goals (courses to help you improve skills):

Mission and Purpose Questions
There are no right or wrong answers. The questions will help you focus and align your activities.

Why do you sell real estate?

How are you a hero to your clients? (What are you really good at?)

What makes you referrable?

What makes you less than referrable? (Areas for improvement)

When other agents see your name, what do you want them to say/think about you?

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